School Reopening Planning & Guidances

Mulgrew Letter on Reorganization Complaints (06-14-21)

Building Safety Committee Meeting (06-09-21)

Memorandum of Agreement on Teacher Evaluations (02-25-21)

Building Safety Committee Meeting (02-09-21)

DOE Memo on Sabbaticals for 2021-2022

Chancellor’s Letter on Middle School Reopening (02-08-21)

DOE Guidance on Faculty and Grade Conferences (02-05-21)

Guidance on ICT Class Remedies (01-22-21)

Updated DOE Personnel Memo #2 (01-15-21)

DOE Memo on Vaccine Leave (01-13-21)

Virtual Instruction Content Specialist Posting (12-10-20)

DOE Update of Grading Policy (11-30-20)

NYSED FAQ on Cancellation of Regents (11-05-20)

NYSED Cancellation of Regents Exams (11-05-20)

DOE Guidance on Parent Teacher Conferences (11-02-20)

The Organizer on Working Remotely Without Medical Accommodations (11-02-20)

DOE Guidance on Face Coverings (10-28-20)

UFT Special Education Memo on IEP Meetings (10-27-20)

DOE Guidance on Grading (10-26-20)

FAQ on DOE/UFT MOA (COVID-19) (10-07-20)

DOE Guidance for Working Remotely (10-07-20)

Agreement on Paraprofessionals (09-28-20)

Memorandum of Agreement (9-25-20)

FAQ on Memorandum of Agreement (9-25-20)

UFT Update on Teaching out of License (9-22-20)

DOE Revised Health Policy (09-20-20)

Independent Budget Office Estimate of Costs for Schools Reopening (9-17-20)

UFT FAQ on Instructional Issues

Blended Learning Memorandum of Agreement (9-11-20)

DOE Updated FAQs on Academic Policies (9-08-20)

DOE Guidance on Blended and Remote Learning (September 2020)

UFT Safety Report for ENYFA

Corona Virus School Testing Policy (September 2020)

DOE First Nine Days Guidance (September 2020)

DOE Personnel Memo No. 2 (Timekeeping / Leaves) (9-1-20)

MOA on Class Sizes (08-25-20)

Chalkbeat: How Safe is the Air Inside you NYC Classroom? (8-25-20)

Maxwell Building Condition Assessment (2018-2019)

UFT Safety Checklist (8-19-20)

Parents PRESS Group on 8 Big Problems with Reopening Plan (8-18-20)

DOE Principals’ Playbook for 2020-2021 Reopening (8-11-20)

UFT Petition on Testing and Contact Tracing (8-7-20)

AFT Plan to Safely Reopen America’s Schools (August 2020)

DOE Plan for Reopening Submitted to NYSED (July 2020)

Enrollment, Capacity and Utilization Report (the “Blue Book” 2018-2019)

Michael Mulgrew Letter to UFT Membership (6-11-20)

Chancellor’s Letter to Principals (6-8-20)

CDC Guidance on Activities and Initiatives (May 2020)

CDC Guidelines on High Risk Medical Conditions (4-30-20)

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