Black Lives Matter in our Schools

Following the killing George Floyd in Minneapolis on May the national and worldwide protests have been unprecedented. Given the sustained level of outrage it seems likely that our city and schools may be seeing significant policy changes.

Police Body Cameras Cited as “Powerful Tool” against Stop-and-Frisk Abuses (NYT 11-30-20)

NYS Senate Supermajority Called a Setback for the Police Unions (Chief-Leader 11-25-20)

UFT Resolution on Black Lives Matter in School (11-16-20)

A Watchdog Accused Officers of Serious Misconduct Few Punished (NYT 11-15-20)

NYPD Anti-Discrimination Official Accused of Racist Rants (NYT 11-05-20)

UFT Executive Board Resolution (06-01-20)

Open Letter to the Chancellor from NYC Educators

A former student shared this photo from Haiti. Lavi nwa yo enpotan is the local translation of black lives matter.