Instructions for Reorganization Complaints

Dear Teacher,

You should be receiving your teaching programs and assignments for next school year. If you have an issue during this reorganization period, you should use the online process we established last year.

The remote reorganization process can be used to raise an issue related to Article 7 of the DOE/UFT contract (programs, assignments and teaching conditions in schools and programs). Examples of issues that teachers can report on the Remote Reorganization Form are:
Denial of first preference two years in a rowAssignment of an ICT class without expressing preferenceCluster selectionAssignment of four periods in a rowComp time selection
The form will be available until June 30, 2021. It has similar timelines and steps/levels of appeal as the regular reorganization grievance process.

The major differences are:
You complete the online form yourself. The chapter leader does not fill out the form on the teacher’s behalf, but the teacher can request help from the chapter leader in filling out the form.You are not required to submit the form within two days of knowledge of the issue. You can file at any time as long as the issue still exists.
Any reorganization issues raised in this process are eligible for expedited arbitration.
School Level
You should first attempt to resolve the issue informally with your principal.

If unsuccessful, you should
Fill out this online Remote Reorganization Form.Submit a copy of the form to the principal and request a meeting with the principal and the chapter leader or other union representative to resolve the issue within two school days.The principal must conduct a video or phone conference with you and the union representative.If the issue is not resolved within two school days of the principal receiving the form, your UFT district representative can escalate the issue to the district level.
District Level
When the UFT district representative escalates an unresolved issue to the district level, the reorganization issue will be emailed to the superintendent, the principal, the chapter leader and other central DOE and union staff. The superintendent and the district representative will have four school days to resolve the reorganization issue from the date it was escalated to the district level.A meeting will be scheduled via video conference or phone call with the superintendent, or his/her designee, the principal, you and the district representative.After four days, the unresolved issue can be escalated to the reorganization subcommittee of the Central Operational Committee.
Central Level
The reorganization subcommittee of the Central Operational Committee will meet remotely on a weekly basis to resolve any issues not settled at the district level.If a reorganization issue is not resolved through this process, the UFT may file a demand for arbitration.
If you have any questions, reach out to your district rep.